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    Due to a server problem with my hosting company, this website and the Members’ Area with the daily selections was not accessible for most of Monday June 20th.

    Please accept my apologies for the disruption. Of course, it had to happen on one of the few days when I have not been in my office for most of the day…..!

    Greyhound Lays & Greyhound Lays Lite are our two highly-respected greyhound laying services.

    The difference between the two services can be summarised as follows:

    www.GreyhoundLays.co.uk is our oldest service (started in February 2007) and provides typically 8-12 daily selections. We have established a long-term average strike-rate of 87.8% and the results are very consistent. This is our most popular service.

    www.GreyhoundLaysLite.co.uk is a newer service (started in June 2008) and provides just one selection per race meeting each day (and different selections to Greyhound Lays). This means that there are between 5-7 selections each day. Greyhound Lays Lite has a long-term average strike-rate of 87.8% (ie the same as Greyhound Lays)

    Click on either of the links below to be taken to the relevant service website where you will find more details plus how to subscribe

    Greyhound Lays

    Greyhound Lays Lite

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